Allow me to introduce myself:

Hi, I’m Gilbert. 

There are those who will tell you we are all blessed in some way. Personally, 
I know better, but somehow I’ve been blessed with the great good fortune of being in the right time and the right place, or just knew the right people for something amazing to happen, and it’s happened more than you’d expect. My blessing is that I get put in those lucky situations and I pay attention. Freakin’ lucky, I’ll tell you, and now, if you’ll read on, I will. 

I’m a collector, and among other things, I collect stories. True stories, of course; the others are called yarns or jokes, and I don’t go there. Every one of these recollections happened just as I say it did, and while none may have worldwide impact, I sure noticed them happening, and some may amuse, entertain or inform you. The best of these get added to my collection, and this book is part of that collection. I hope you enjoy reading them at least half as much as I did having them. And go out and generate some stories of your own! It’s a four-part process:

1) Have a moment worth saving
2) Savor it
3) Remember it
4) Write about it or tell someone about it

Also, all the photos and links in the book are available in glorious detail elsewhere on the site.